Liquid jet pumps

A liquid under pressure is connected to the ejector's drive connection. This motive flow is accelerated by means of a drive nozzle and expanded at the outlet from this drive nozzle. The motive fluid transfers its energy to the environment and entrains the gas/liquid medium drawn-in out of the head. In the down-stream diffuser, the velocity is converted to pressure.

Single-stage jet pumps are only able to cope with a restricted compression ratio.


These ejectors are used to transport, condense or mix gases, vapours, liquids and solids, depending upon the case in question. These jet pumps will be specially designed to match the individual requirements for each individual case. Depending upon the application, the following types of jet pumps are used:

Water jet pumps
used to transport and mix liquid media

Water jet cellar pumps
are used to pump-out cellars and transport sewage water

Water jet vacuum pumps
are used to generate vacuums in distillation and evaporation systems in driers, lift lines, etc.; the achievable vacuum is determined by the temperature of the industrial water

Water jet ventilators
may achieve slight pressure difference and high transport quantities; combined with a counter-current washer, they are often used as jet gas scrubbers to clean exhaust air

Water jet solid pumps
are used to transport flowable solids, e.g. gravel or powder; the medium has to be fed into the pump (eg by means of a funnel); this pump comes in stationary or mobile designs

Liquid jet pumps
under various conditions, the motive water may also be replaced by other motive liquids

Most importent adventages for the customer

- simple design 
- no moving parts
- simple operation
- virtually maintenance-free operation
- high operational reliability
- wide choice of materials, selected according to the media to be handled 

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